Our Vision

Our school has been set up to be a model early-years education institution, with a deep emphasis on value education. The school believes in the Montessori philosophy and follows Montessori teaching methods at its core while keeping abreast of the best teaching practices from all over the world. Bright Beginnings follows a thematic approach that knits various areas of the curriculum together. A creative Art and Craft program, a lively Music and Movement program and a nurturing Gardening program are fully in place to support our holistic approach to education. The school has adopted UNESCO's Living Values Education Program (LVEP) in order to impart timeless universal values.

What Defines Bright Beginnings and what makes it unique?

  • Students thrive in a value-based atmosphere in a positive safe environment of mutual respect. An emphasis on teaching and practicing universal values.
  • To be able to nurture our children as global citizens we incorporate teaching practices from around the world and celebrate various cultures through the year.
  • Love for the environment and art is encouraged through deep experiential learning.
  • Parental involvement is emphasised and encouraged. We believe that parents are the first teachers and teachers are the second parents and students thrive when educators and parents form a partnership.