Rajiv Ranjan – Father of Shivaan and Lakshya (November 2018)

" Both our boys, Shivaan and Lakshya have been part of Bright Beginnings and we consider ourselves fortunate and blessed to be associated with the school. Aruna Ma'am,Rashmi Ma'am and the entire team have been like a family to us and to our little boys.The attention to detail and focus on allround development through classroom learning, co-ordinated play time, art, music, exposure to nature, teaching basic etiquette,events for kids, etc. makes Bright Beginnings the perfect place where you would like your lil one to start his/her journey.Also the focus is not only on the child but also to educate Parents through sessions and participation in different activities.Thanks to Bright Beginnings ...We have become better parents too!! "

Vaijayanthi Bhat – Mother of Ankita (Facebook 12th November 2018)

"I couldn't have asked for a better start for my daughter, a home away from home, a loving and secure environment for your child to grow and learn in. With the focus not just being academics, but making the kids independent and confident while instilling values in them. Aruna’s love for what she is doing clearly reflects in everything they do and seems to be contagious with all the teachers and support staff. My daughter still asks to go back to her old school to spend the day when she has a day off from her regular school and they welcome her with the same loving attitude every single time."

Kumudha Ammanur Gomatam – Mother of Dheekshanya (Facebook, 30th Jan 2017)

" This was my son's second school after a brief stop at Neev, Whitefield. It is impossible to overstate the brilliance of Bright Beginnings. Bright Beginnings is an absolutely professional, invitingly warm and wisely understanding learning environment. Ms.Aruna, an impassioned and sensitive educator has chiseled this awesome second home for kids."

Supriya Kini – Mother of Naomi (Facebook, 31stJuly, 2014)

" I truly would give this school more than 5 stars if I could. My child graduates this year and I know that the wonderful being she is growing up to be has everything to do with the school, it's teachers and it's mission. A true Montessori school with a holistic approach towards learning, all children here are individuals recognized for being unique in their abilities and beliefs. Aptly named, it's truly been a bright beginning for my child. I would highly recommend a visit to the school if you have a child ready to start school soon."

Lata Goenka – Mother of Shivay (Fcebook, 30th August, 2017)

" Bright Beginnings is a home away from home for children. The warm and nurturing environment is just what kids need at this young age to develop independence, confidence and other life skills. Each member of the entire BB family is devoted and focused on making these first few years in a child's life, truly special. This has been the best decision I have taken for my child so far. "

Pranitha Penmetsa – Mother of Dhruv(24th November, 2018)

" I feel blessed to have been associated with Bright Beginnings both as a parent and as a teacher. Bright Beginnings Montessori Preschool is a great combination of the incredible Montessori methodology and the value education that they offer to the children. The positivity of the environment and the warmth of the teachers and the staff at the school still remains the same as it was fifteen years ago. Their belief system that each child is special in their own way does imbibe confidence and self-worth in the children at a very young age"

Shaila Gaur – Mother of Mira (28th November, 2018)

" Thanks to the devoted team at Bright Beginnings, my daughter’s first experience of school is a memory she will always cherish.

She was appreciated for her own special and unique qualities and given a strong foundation by loving, enthusiastic and dedicated teachers.

I would strongly recommend Bright Beginnings to parents looking to give their child the best possible introduction to the world of learning."

Vijayasri Rao – Mother of Keshav and Madhura (29th November 2018)

"The Montessori curriculum at Bright Beginnings is designed to create joyful and effective learning experiences for young children. Here, children explore and interact with different learning materials at their own pace and develop an innate love for learning. My twins started school here as toddlers when they were 18 months old in the Parent-Toddler Program and then moved on to the Montessori Preschool Program when they were 2 and ½ years old. They are growing beautifully in this loving and nurturing environment. Kudos to their dedicated teachers and caretakers for gently guiding them in their everyday learning activities during Circle Time, Play Time, Work Time and Story Time to give them a solid foundation in their scholastic sojourn. Constantly upgrading and raising the bar in all the areas of learning has become the school’s mantra. Parents also feel very connected with this school via their parenting forums, activities and volunteering opportunities. I also wish I were a student of Mast Tree, Temple Tree or Bottle Brush class environments. Thank you, Bright Beginnings for playing such an integral role in all our lives. Hearty Congratulations for the school’s 15th Anniversary and wishing many more memorable milestones in the years to come. "

Aparna Vadde - Mother of Samyukta (5th December, 2018)

"A team of very cheerful and caring teachers, a serene setting, immaculately clean and well maintained, where peace descends as you walk in, a joyous place where children blossom into confident, happy and well rounded individuals -- that is Bright Beginnings in a nutshell, true to its name. The tiny tots (and parents :-)) get magically drawn to BB when they go through the toddler program. The Montessori training that they get thereafter, where they experientially learn important life skills and timeless values of being systematic, disciplined, caring for others and connecting with nature, hold them in good stead long after they graduate from Bright Beginnings. It's a place that both children and parents cherish being part of: my daughter looked forward to attending school every morning and missed it sorely during summer vacations. My husband and I have got many a valuable tip in parenting from our interactions with the teachers at BB, who are more than happy to help in any aspect related to the development of the child. In short, we thoroughly value the Bright Beginnings experience and will recommend it very strongly. "

Sheeja – Mother of Tulsi and Thea (29th November, 2018)

"Often experiences of deep impact leave us speechless. Words that would do justice to our learning, emotions and feelings end up a cliché or a truth misconstrued as hyperbole.

As we continue to explore our association with Bright Beginnings through the last twelve years, I realize the name of the school couldn't have been more apt. You could journey as long as you wish and the school would continue to touch your lives. My children have received the best foundation they could have. Often one would hesitate to say 'the best', but I confidently say so.

This Montessori school is a place where great methodology, uncompromised quality and a near perfect wholesome environment come together. Great care, attention to detail and excellent teachers not only qualified in their role; but sincere in intent, professional in their conduct with a warm sensitive disposition towards their little children make this place a beautiful environment to nurture the kids academically, emotionally and in all ways they shall grow up to be. Its so precious a sight every time, to see the children bond with their teachers with loads of genuine love and affection.

The essence of Bright Beginnings is that it not only moulds the children, but it helps the parent community evolve in the way they bring up their children, nurture their family and become better people.

All that I write above may seem like a thought out essay, but it isn’t. In fact the truth of this one of a kind institution is asking of such words. Bright Beginnings has moulded our children and has changed 'us' to become better people, and progress in our thinking and action.

We learn a lot from our children we often say, and when the children learn from a great environment, the overall experience is an unexplainable story, a lifelong one.

The teachers especially Aruna Ma'am and Rashmi Ma'am are an inspiration. Watching them over more than a decade, their drive to become something more, be who they truly are, with relentless sincerity and undiluted passion is a great take away for every individual who walks into Bright Beginnings.

I am fortunate that our family continues to learn and grow with this beautiful school. "

Nivedita – Mother of Arnav (29th November, 2018)

"Bright Beginnings is truly a second home not only to our four-year old but to my family. The environment of love, patience and respect for each child is what makes this school a top favorite of ours. Our little one has transformed from being a reluctant toddler who so didn’t want to go to school, to someone who doesn't want to come home now. He also doesn't want to graduate to a bigger school. That's the magic of being in Bright Beginnings. Needless to say the teachers are one of a kind. We are grateful that we are a part of the BB family."

Kavita Chandran Budhraja

" True to its name, this is the brightest beginning you could ever give to your child as he or she enters school years. Our little girl, an alum of Bright Beginnings, is now a 2nd grader in Singapore and still talks about her ‘Mast Tree' class.

Kiara's first exposure to school was the Wednesday toddler sessions in BB, a must-do for anyone with a curious tot eager to learn, sway, sing and most of all do it with Mommy or Daddy. What always amazed us was how quiet the school would be – hard to believe there were 45 tiny beings inside, all working meticulously in their Montessori environment with their building blocks, books, beads, lemon strainers and all things that can provide fodder to a little child's imagination. The sense of discipline and respect inculcated during early stages has lived on – a lot of that comes from the respect the child sees inside the school between Aruna and her wonderful set of teachers. That rhythm can get infectious. There are things taught that Kiara still remembers, for example we have a secret phrase "Do the Ajji Ma'am" when she cleans her face after brushing – a hygiene tactic taught by her class teacher at BB.

I'd recommend Bright Beginnings to anyone who's looking to ease their child into a school that has an international environment, encourages self discipline and above all thrives on love and respect. "

Anubhuti Srivastava

"Both my children have spent their early years at Bright Beginnings. Bright Beginnings has paid special attention to the minutest details, to make a child's 'maiden' experience into the world of education a memorable beginning. My kids have now grown up but they still remember the school and the teachers very well. One distinct thing about the school that I remember is that it does not just focus on Montessori education alone but also on life skills. My younger one has also attended the mother-toddler program and used to look forward to going for the same. Till date, Bright Beginnings continues to be my ideal Montessori school."

Surabhi Daharwal

"We miss Bright Beginnings very much. It is a wonderful and nurturing environment where kids open up, learn academics as well as life skills. We wish our kids could be here longer. Both our kids were in this school for 3+ years. Anusha was attending a Montessori in Northern Virginia and we were looking for a similar school for her when we moved to India. Bright Beginnings was our answer. Teachers helped her transition and she adjusted beautifully and felt comfortable from day one. After graduating and going to a bigger school for over a month every day she would ask us if she could go back to Bright Beginnings and she yet misses all her teachers. Our younger daughter was very quiet in school (exactly the opposite of how she was at home) in the beginning for quite a long time, so much so that we got worried if the Montessori approach was the right one for her. All the teachers at Bright Beginnings including Ms. Aruna were confident and gave us the assurance that this was the right environment for Himayani. Sure enough, this is just what happened in time and we are so glad we decided to keep her in the Montessori and more importantly in Bright Beginnings.

Both our daughters love to go back to visit Bright Beginnings every chance they get and spend time in the classrooms. They still feel they belong there."

Swati Amritkar on June 26th, 2012

"When Dhruv sees a nano he say, "Like my Chris Ma'am." He misses Pragati Ma'am's and Aruna Ma'am's singing. He will say, "Mama don't sing like this. You must listen to how ma'am sings." We will definitely drop into school whenever we are in Bangalore."

A Parent's Note soon after the Sports Day on January 25th, 2013

" I would like to applaud Aruna Ma'am, all the teachers and all those behind the scenes for making the Sports Day really a memorable and enjoyable event.

I should admit that I was little skeptical in the morning on how a sports day in a "small lawn" would be, after seeing sports day celebrations at my daughter's school in a big ground.

You proved today that "size" doesn't matter. The entire event was very well choreographed and very well organized. Excellent performances from such small kids shows the amount of effort that has gone in from all the teachers to make it happen. Above all, all the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was very surprised to see that the focus of many of the kids were on completing the activities part of the race without being worried about first / second place.

I personally think that this is a very valuable lesson you are imparting at such a young age.

Congratulations again and looking forward to more such events."

A thank-you note from a Parent in September 2012.

"It has been absolutely lovely having our daughter at Bright Beginning and interacting with all the members of the school. There are few places where the love for teaching, learning and discovering is apparent, like it is in your school. Besides shaping a lot of what our daughter is as a person today, it has given both me and my husband loads of perspective and shaped us as parents! "