Welcome to Bright Beginnings

Welcome to Bright Beginnings, a Montessori Preschool established in June 2004 in the Whitefield area. Our school follows the Montessori philosophy and conducts a Montessori preschool program and a Parent-Toddler Program. We believe our school is a model early-years education institution. Our school has adopted UNESCO’s Living Values Education Program to impart timeless universal values. In addition, a creative art and craft program, a lively music and movement program and a nurturing gardening program are fully in place to support our holistic approach to education.



Our Parent - Toddler Program allows a child to experience school for the first time with the security of a parent by their side. The toddler comes to school once a week, accompanied by a parent or grandparent. With a new theme every week, the toddler is allowed to freely explore the prepared environment. Different areas of parenting are explored and discussions are facilitated by our experienced teachers and counsellors. This unique co-op program provides an ideal environment for toddlers to develop emotional and social skills alongside their parents. more


Our preschool program believes in the Montessori philosophy and follows Montessori teaching methods at its core, while keeping abreast with the best teaching practices from all over the world. While children work in a prepared environment with minimal assistance from the adult, they are also exposed to various experiences that align itself with our holistic approach to education. This unique approach prepares the child emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically for a smooth transition into first grade, be it a primary Montessori environment or a traditional school any where in the world. more