Toddler program (parent and child)

Our Parent-Toddler Program allows a child to experience school for the first time with the security of a parent by their side. The toddler comes to school once a week, accompanied by a parent or grandparent. With a new theme every week, the toddler is allowed to freely explore the prepared environment. Different areas of parenting are explored and discussions are facilitated by our experienced teachers and counselors. This unique co-op program provides an ideal environment for toddlers to develop emotional and social skills alongside their parents.

The toddler aged between 18 months and 30 months of age comes in once a week on Wednesdays, from 10 am to 12 noon. A new theme for the toddlers and a different topic of discussion about parenting is explored every week. Once every quarter, a field trip is organized for the group.

A typical day at the Toddler Program includes:

  • Themes that explore Colors, Shapes, Festivals, Animals, Dance and Movement amongst many others.
  • Theme based art activities are integrated into the program where children freely explore different mediums and textures.
  • Story time where parents volunteer to read stories to the group
  • A vibrant Circle Time where children enjoy songs and creative movement
  • Snack Time followed by outdoor play.
  • Interactive discussions on parenting topics such as "Realistic Expectations of a Two Year Old", "Building Self Esteem" and "Goals of Gracious Parenting"